Astrological Counseling

These sites are to astrologers whose main focus is in counseling clients, usually as their main profession. Their backgrounds and technique vary but many have a background in psychology in addition to astrology. This section has been the most popular category for site submission, so if a site is listed here, it has made it past a very rigorous screening process.

Added Title and Description
10-2-2011 Find an Astrologer -  New content weekly, including astrology book reviews, articles and a comprehensive astrological workshop, training and astrology conference calendar. Learn astrology yourself with downloads of astrology trainings and exclusive content including live interviews with top astrologers.
5-20-2011 Chinese Astrology - This is Ko Hashiguchi's site on Chinese astrology mainly. He gives consultations using 3 different branches of astrology: Chinese, Vedic, Hellenistic.
12-31-2005 Big Sky Astrology - Astrology articles, tutorials, and services from San Diego-based writer and astrologer April Elliott Kent.
1-11-2006 Astrology Consultations - Astrologer Richard Hills (London UK) offers in-depth astrology readings for individuals, couples and parents for children, in person or by telephone.
4-19-2006 Real Life Astrology - Astrological readings with Astrologer Robin Manteris.