Classical Astrology

This is a list of links to sites that focus on the classical era in astrology, either the Hellenistic era, the Egyptians such as Ptolemy, or upon such authors as Manilius, Dorotheus, Valens, etc... who were active during that period. This area tends to be scholarly and some of the brightest minds work in this area.

Added Title and Description
6-16-2012 Martien Hermes teaches a class in hellenistic astrology in the Netherlands and is a student of Robert Schmidt (founder of Project Hindsight for translating ancient astrological texts).
8-18-2010 Chris Brennan runs a hellenistic astrology translation project uploaded in wiki format of traditional astrological texts. He also manages an astrology blog with articles about current events from the perspective of traditional astrology.
3-20-2006 Classical Astrologer - P. James Clark - Features Natal, Horary, Electional, Medical and Predictive services, using ancient and traditional methodologies. Prof. Clark is a Master of Classical Astrology. Courses in the Craft are offered both locally and by correspondence. The site is a rich source of articles and reliable information, with an extensive collection of source texts and commentaries.
1-1-2006 Project Hindsight - Robert Schmidt has been reconstructing the practice of Hellenistic astrology through the translation of original source texts and has discovered a philosophical counterpoint to the Athenian school, which he has dubbed the "System of Hermes".