Medieval Astrology

Medieval astrology typically derives from philosophical practices and works from the classical era, but often has been updated with ideas that come from the renaissance. William Lilly is among the most famous from the renaissance period and is among the last of these astrologers (active in the 17th century). Al-Kindi, Masha-Allah, and Abu-Mashar typically mark the beginning of the medieval period and were active in the 8th-9th centuries. Most of the astrologers listed here also do readings for clients, but from a traditional perspective.

Added Title and Description
5-26-2006 Astrologia Medieval - Paulo Alexandre Silva's Portuguese site on traditional astrology. Features a number of study aids, links, book recommendations and articles of interest to traditionalists. Recently updated web address.
1-15-2005 Medieval Techniques and Ancient Wisdom - Ben specializes in medieval astrology and has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Illinois. He will be lecturing at the next PHASE Conclave in Cumberland, MD in Aug 2006.